TLM-2.0  2.0.4
Accellera TLM-2.0 proof-of-concept library
SystemC TLM

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Important - this is not official documentation for the System C project.

The original reference implementation is sourced from

This version has been updated to improve readability.

The full language is defined by the IEEE 1666-2011 standard here: *


About SystemC TLM

Transaction-level Modeling (TLM) standard interfaces for SystemC provides an essential framework needed for model exchange within companies and across the IP supply chain for architecture analysis, software development and performance analysis, and hardware verification. It explicitly addresses virtual prototyping in which SystemC models can easily be exchanged and arranged within a system. By providing a strong modeling foundation for virtual prototyping, the standard enables optimal reuse of models and modeling effort across different use cases.


In 2016 Accellera re-licensed all SystemC supplemental material under the Apache 2.0 License. Access to some previous releases of SystemC material may still require acceptance of the terms of the SystemC Open Source License while the process of updating license statements is underway. Please contact the Accellera office if you have any questions.