When looking for a general SystemC book I narrowed down to two choices System C from the Ground Up, Second Editionand A SystemC Primer, Second Edition.

I went with the first, SCFTGU. It’s a reasonable overview, in the beginner to intermediate range. Although it’s 230 pages, it does not get too advanced. The main issues is that the promised online content is not available! What’s missing is :

  • Examples and initial source code for exercises.
  • An update on TLM 2.0. (The book covers the obsolete TLM 1.0)

Contacting the publisher got a response, but no content…

I’m working through the exercises and taking a guess at the examples. For reference I’ve put them here.

I’m also collecting general reference material here, and I’ve regenerated the Doxygen for the reference implementation to be more readable.